Thanks for stopping by to check us out. Due to some recent personal events going on, currently we are not accepting anymore orders for parts, special order componenets, or merchandise.

   Certain recent orders have been difficult to fill for various reasons and time frames have not been true to order. We are going to honor the current orders we do have in and the inquiries we have received to get them taken care of as quickly as possible.

   We are not closing the site, or the shop down by any means - but until we can get these issues resolved and make some much needed changes we will not be able to serve you to our full potential and that is just unacceptable.

Please bear with us through these times and we will update the way things are done here and the website as well. We hope to talk to you soon! Thanks again!



Things have been going well here with the revamp of our business approach. We are making some much needed changes and getting additional staff to assist us on the daily basis. Relationships with vendors are much improved and on a much better communications level. We are currently working on changing the website and updating the products that we offer. We are also going to add a much more efficient line of communications so any calls may be taken in an efficient manner. Any new inquiries ARE now being accepted at the current time but for now we ask that they only come VIA email - - once again, we thank you for being valued customers and stopping by to check out the situations at hand. We hope to speak with you soon.


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